Worst of the worst on LIRR performance

The state comptroller issued a report calling the 2017 on-time performance of the Long Island Rail Road “unacceptable.” It was, the report said, the worst in 18 years. Out of 248,215 scheduled train runs, 19,218 were late, up 19 percent from 2016. During the year, 1,377 trains were canceled, a 9-percent increase from 2016. You can read more here.

Here are some findings, based on LIRR data along with analysis by the comptroller’s office. All ‘riders” figures are 2016 estimates. (You can also see branch-by-branch data for the LIRR in 2017 and in January, here.

The most frequently canceled trains in 2017

They’re all from Penn Station, and they all depart in the evening.

Here are the details.

DestinationDeparts # Canceled% CanceledEstimated Riders
Wantagh6:05 p.m.4517.7%990
Great Neck5:50 p.m.4417.3%800
Seaford5:40 p.m.4216.5%980
Huntington6:30 p.m.3112.2%1,010
Wantagh5:19 p.m.3112.2%970
Babylon6:33 p.m.2710.6%910
Port Washington6:11 p.m.249.4%1,100
Port Washington5:26 p.m.249.4%760
Wantagh4:57 p.m.228.7%570
Port Washington7:01 p.m.197.5%1,080
Port Washington5:11 p.m.197.5%720

The longest individual train delays in 2017

Trains listed by date and point of origin; delays measured in number of minutes.

Here are the details. Departure and arrival times are scheduled.

11/19MontaukJamaica7:04 a.m.9:56 a.m.166
11/25JamaicaMontauk12:10 p.m.3:01 p.m.158
1/3HuntingtonPenn10:56 p.m.12:01 a.m.156
3/28BabylonSpeonk7:27 p.m.8:27 p.m.155
2/13RonkonkomaPenn3:15 p.m.4:37 p.m.149
4/9Pt WashingtonPenn4:10 a.m.4:55 a.m.145
10/29JamaicaMontauk9:41 p.m.12:20 a.m.140
6/29JamaicaMontauk1:10 a.m.3:57 a.m.134
11/7Pt JeffersonJamaica4:06 p.m.5:39 p.m.130
11/23SpeonkBabylon2:05 p.m.3:05 p.m.128
12/16RonkonkomaPenn2:40 p.m.3:59 p.m.128

Worst on-time performance in evening peak for 2017

On-time percentage for each train, listed by destination. Ridership numbers in table below.

OriginDestinationDepartsOn-Time %Riders
PennPt Washington7:0164.6%1,080
PennOyster Bay6:1665.0%630
PennPt Washington6:2470.9%1,010
PennPt Washington6:1171.7%1,100
Long Island CityPatchogue4:2773.2%370

Worst on-time performance in morning peak for 2017

On-time percentage for each train, listed by origin. Ridership numbers included in table below.

Here are the details.

OriginDestinationDepartsOn-Time %Riders
MontaukLong Island City5:3976.4%630
Pt WashingtonPenn8:0876.4%1,120
Pt WashingtonPenn8:1876.4%630
Great NeckPenn8:2477.2%870
Pt JeffersonHunterspoint Ave.6:5777.6%690
Valley StreamPenn8:0379.1%890


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