Kickstarter projects on Long Island

What crowd-funded projects have Long Island connections, and how they turned out.

As of May 2, there have been 641 Kickstarter projects based on, or dealing with, Long Island, according to data posted on the crowdfunding site. Roughly one in four of them succeeded in reaching its stated goal, which amounted to more than $984,000. The rest of the projects, seeking a combined total of more than $33 million, were canceled, suspended or designated as a failure. There are three Long Island projects that were ongoing as of May 2.

The two charts below show the number of successful and failed or canceled projects, as well as the total of all the goals set in each category. This was posted on May 3, 2018.

How the 641 Long Island projects worked out

About 27 percent met their stated money goals. The rest were called off or failed.

How those 641 LI projects broke down by goal amounts

The 173 successful projects were aiming to raise less than 3 percent of all the LI money goals.

Top dozen successful LI projects

The biggest goals that were achieved. Some projects surpassed their stated goal.

A new Erick Sermon album: I’m launching a new label with an album featuring Method Man, Pharrell Williams, Big K.R.I.T, Styles P, and Redman among others. Goal: $60,000

Lithology Brewing Co. Campaign to Expand Beer Production: Award Winning Lithology Brewing is expanding production of our innovative craft beer. Be a part of it! Goal: $35,000

The Gathering: Reuniting Pioneering Artists of Magic: Rediscover over 35 of the original artists of Magic: The Gathering reunited to create new paintings for this limited release art book. Goal: $32,000

Condzella Hops Unites L.I. Farmers and Local Breweries: Long Island Farmer Imports a German Hops Harvesting Machine for Cooperative Use with Local Hop Farms to Support Local Breweries. Goal: $27,000

Moustache Brewing Co.- We’re growing a moustache!: A small craft brewery serving Long Island and NYC. We are passionate about creating, sharing and educating people about craft beer. Goal: $25,000

Undocumented: The Life Story of Dr. Harold Fernandez: The true story of a cardiac surgeon who came to the U.S. as a young undocumented immigrant. An American tale of struggle and triumph. Goal: $25,000

Help Get the Wheels Rolling for the Elegant Eats Food Truck: Funding is needed so the Elegant Eats Food Truck can start serving healthy flavorful meals across Long Island, NY. Goal: $22,500

A New Album by Bryce Larsen: I am really happy with the way that I relate to music right now and I want to capture this fleeting moment in an album, the right way. Goal: $20,000

Destination Unknown Beer Company: DUB CO is excited to add to the already amazing craft beer movement hitting Long Island. With your help we can increase our production! Goal: $20,000

Join The Walking Tree in Releasing Their First Full Record!: Partner with The Walking Tree to raise $18,000 in 30 days! We need your help in releasing this record for free through Come&Live! Goal: $18,000

The Brick Studio: The Brick Studio is a forming 501(c)(3) nonprofit art collective organization located in Rocky Point, N.Y. Help us to get started! Goal: $18,000

Hua Mulan–A Bilingual EBook: A Bilingual EBook Version of a Classic Chinese Story with Audio in English and Chinese Goal: $17,000

You can read more about crowdfunding on Long Island.

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