Report card for Long Island’s industrial development agencies

Roughly one quarter of jobs created in the state by companies receiving tax breaks from industrial development agencies as of the end of 2016 were created on Long Island, according to a report from the state comptroller.

Of the 51,632 jobs created on Long Island, Suffolk IDA tax breaks were related to 15,342 hires made after the tax breaks were granted, while Nassau IDA tax breaks were related to 14,478 new positions. The counties ranked second and third in the state, behind New York City. You can read more here. This data posted on June 1, 2018.

Jobs created after IDA tax breaks

Amount of tax break for each job created

Town-by-town details on the tax breaks

IDA ProjectsTax breaksJobs gainedTax break per job
Glen Cove10$3,100,000 141$21,986
Hempstead80$28,200,000 5,629$5,010
Nassau173$43,600,000 14,478$3,011
Babylon186$14,000,000 6,758$2,072
Brookhaven76$9,600,000 5,401$1,777
Islip116$16,800,000 2,899$5,795
Riverhead33$2,400,000 984$2,439
Suffolk138$7,000,000 15,342$456
TOTAL812$124,700,000 51,632$2,415