Oyster Bay campaign spending passes $1M mark

The campaign committees for the Republican and Democratic candidates for town supervisor in Oyster Bay, along with the two party committees in the town, have spent $1,094,773.92 so far on the election, more than twice what was spent in 2015. Here is a breakdown based on data from the New York State Board of Elections. The 2017 figure is not final; candidates are required to submit at least one more set of spending records that is not due until after the election. Figures for the January reports in 2015 and 2017 only include expenditures from that month, to keep the comparison fair. Read more about the campaign spending here.

 2015John Venditto (R)John Mangelli (D)Town Republican CommitteeTown Democratic Committee
January Periodic$0$0$1,337.99$49.90
July Periodic$52,598.27$0$66,529.95$2,790.91
32 Day Pre General Election$71,790.65$0$37,340.99$1,841.38
11 Day Pre General Election$14,330.26$901.50$54,787.77$14,784.85
27 Day Post General Election $162,406.50$8,393.55$10,404.65$19,623.20
 2017Joseph Saladino* (R)Marc Herman (D)Town Republican CommitteeTown Democratic Committee
January Periodic$468.37$0.0$5,037.01$0
July Periodic$40,520.22$4,446.96$61,732.20$16,806.25
32 Day Pre Primary$0$0$0$22,709.33
11 Day Pre Primary$0$0$0$20,012.60
10 Day Post Primary$0$0$0$50,519.35
32 Day Pre General Election$89,345.22$35,297.70$29,610.52$25,577.28
11 Day Pre General Election$396,942.40$136,993.50$12,840.08$145,914.93

*January expenses for Saladino are from his Assembly campaign committee.