Mapping the Long Island 2017 primary election

Long Islanders went to the polls on Sept. 12 to vote in party primaries for local offices. In Nassau, they chose Laura Curran over George Maragos, 79 percent to 21 percent in unofficial tallies, for the Democratic nomination for county executive. Democrats also picked Jack Schnirman over Ama Yawson, 57 percent to 43 percent, for county comptroller. Here are district results in those two races; click on any shape for details. Percentages are based on total votes cast for the two candidates and do not include absentee ballots. Districts that tied or saw no voting are colored yellow.

District winners, with % of vote, for county executive

  • Curran up to 65%
  • Curran up to 90%
  • Curran over 90%
  • Maragos up to 65%
  • Maragos up to 90%
  • Maragos over 90%

District winners, with % of vote, for county comptroller

  • Schnirman up to 65%
  • Schnirman up to 90%
  • Schnirman over 90%
  • Yawson up to 65%
  • Yawson up to 90%
  • Yawson over 90%