2017 Valedictorian and Salutatorian Submission

Newsday is preparing its annual special section on graduations and we would like to invite your school’s class of 2017 to participate.

For the valedictorians and salutatorians, we will publish a photo and biographical information of each student in Newsday and on Newsday.com. Please fill out this online form and upload a headshot of each 2017 valedictorian and salutatorian. (The image must be at least 1,000 pixels on the shortest side; yearbook-type photos are best.)

This form can be used for both valedictorians and salutatorians. Please submit one form per student. If there is more than one valedictorian or salutatorian, simply submit another form. However, please do not submit another form for the same student.

If your valedictorians have different titles (Ex: honor speaker), please fill out the form and then contact Kim Fiorio with this information. Note that the grads@newsday.com email is no longer valid for submissions and questions.

If you do not have the college and projected major for valedictorians and salutatorians by the April 29 deadline, do not submit another form. Please contact Kim Fiorio as soon as possible and we will make any changes and updates. Once the form is submitted we will not accept changes unless it involves the student’s college or major.

This form can also be found anytime at newsday.com/valsalform. Links to all graduation forms, including extraordinary seniors and class lists, can also be found at newsday.com/vals2017.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you hit submit, we will be unable to make any changes to an entry — except if the students change their college or major. You may want to give parents a chance to review the entry before submitting.

Thank you for your help at a busy time of year.

For changes, questions or comments, please call Kim Fiorio, manager of Newsday’s editorial support staff at Newsday, at 631-843-4813. Please note that the grads@newsday.com email will no longer be used for this project.

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Please note if weighted and keep to two decimal places.

List organizations, teams, clubs and awards the student is involved in. Note if he or she is an officer. Limited to seven entries in order of importance.

If this information is unavailable right now, please write “N/A” and email your response to kim.fiorio@newsday.com as soon as possible.

If this information is unavailable right now, please write “N/A” and email your response to kim.fiorio@newsday.com as soon as possible.

The photo must be a color headshot submitted as a JPEG at least 1,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels. Senior class portraits work best.