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Peconic Bay Medical Center

Peconic Bay Medical Center
Peconic Bay Medical Center in Riverhead. Credit: Peconic Bay Medical Center

Do you offer private rooms? If so, what is the cost?


Do you offer prenatal, sibling or other classes?


What special things do you do for the mother and baby?

Peconic Bay Medical Center plays a lullaby when a baby is born.

Do you have an on-site neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)?


Do you have a labor and delivery room?


Are doulas or midwives allowed?


What kind of security measures do you have in place to make sure the baby is safe?

We have a security system for babies.

Is there a breast-feeding coach and lactation consultant available on-site?

No to both.

Is videotaping/photographing the birth allowed? A photographer for newborns available?

Yes, photographing is allowed. We do not have a photographer for newborns at the hospital.

Do you offer anything special for moms during labor (i.e. hydrobath, labor ball, etc.)?


Do you offer a hospital tour?


Does the hospital do cord blood banking?


Do you offer any parting swag bags with samples?


Are siblings allowed to visit? Can the spouse sleep in the room?

Yes to both.

What are the visiting hours?

We have open visiting hours.

What’s the rate of C-sections at the hospital?

34.4 percent.

What’s the rate of breast-feeding mothers?

62 percent.

What is the episiotomy rate?

Not available.

Will my baby be able to sleep in the same room as me? Is there a nursery?

Yes to both.

Average length of a postpartum stay?

The usual stay is two days for a vaginal birth.

Does the hospital offer anything new/cutting edge?

Peconic Bay Medical Center is working on a partnership with the Carol Pufahl Literacy Foundation, where parents would sign their baby up to receive one book per month until kindergarten, for a total of 60 books before they start school.

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