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Huntington Hospital

Huntington Hospital
Huntington Hospital in Huntington. Credit: Huntington Hospital

Do you offer private rooms? If so, what is the cost?

Private rooms are available upon request with a fee.

Do you offer prenatal, sibling or other classes?

Prenatal classes are held monthly and include labor & delivery/postpartum, breast-feeding, newborn infant care, infant CPR and a sibling class.

What special things do you do for the mother and baby?

We have the lullaby system that plays throughout the facility, which allows for the mother, family, friends and visitors to celebrate a new addition. We also work closely with the patient to accommodate their birth plans.

Do you have an on-site neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)?

We have a Level II NICU, which includes 24/7 neonatology care.

Do you have a labor and delivery room?

We have seven labor and delivery rooms in our unit.

Are doulas or midwives allowed?

For those mothers who have previously arranged for doula care, we at Huntington Hospital welcome the addition of support that is given to our patients. Huntington Hospital currently has a flourishing midwife practice.

What kind of security measures do you have in place to make sure the baby is safe?

An infant security system is in place to ensure the safety of our newborns during their stay.

Is there a breast-feeding coach and lactation consultant available on-site? Does the hospital support breast- and/or bottle feeding?

We currently have 13 certified breast-feeding counselors and a full time lactation consultant to assist our patients in their breast-feeding goals and success. A breast-feeding support group meets twice a month.

Is videotaping/photographing the birth allowed? A photographer for newborns available?

Photographing is allowed in our birthing suites and in the privacy of patient rooms. A newborn photographer is available to take the baby’s picture.

What do the rooms look like?

Huntington Hospital labor and delivery room
Huntington Hospital labor and delivery room. Credit: Huntington Hospital

Do you offer anything special for moms during labor (i.e. hydrobath, labor ball, etc.)?

A birthing ball can be utilized in our birthing suite when requested.

Do you offer a hospital tour?

Huntington Hospital offers tours of our perinatal area two times a week.

Does the hospital do cord blood banking?

When parents have spoken to their obstetrical provider and decided on cord blood banking it is facilitated during their stay.

Do you offer any parting swag bags with samples?


Are siblings allowed to visit? Can the spouse sleep in the room?

Yes, siblings are allowed to visit. Significant others are welcome to stay and support the mother and newborn in our family-centered care unit.

What are the visiting hours?

Siblings, families and friends are allowed to visit at the mother’s request at any time during her stay.

What’s the rate of C-sections at the hospital?

Our C-section rate is 40 percent.

What’s the rate of breast-feeding mothers?

Our exclusive breast-feeding rate is 33 percent.

What is the episiotomy rate?

10 percent.

Will my baby be able to sleep in the same room as me? Is there a nursery?

Huntington Hospital allows newborns to room in with their mothers from birth to discharge. There is also a full-functioning nursery.

Average length of a postpartum stay?

An average postpartum stay ranges from two to four days based on the mode of delivery.

Does the hospital offer anything new/cutting edge?

Huntington Hospital offers family-centered care throughout the Women and Children’s Health Service Line, as well as throughout the organization. The hospital is a fourth-time designated magnet facility that was earned by quality patient outcomes and outstanding nursing care. Huntington Hospital is the highest-ranked community hospital in New York State as awarded by the U.S. News and World Report. We also offer Nightingale Phone, which connects the patient directly to the nursing team caring for them to enhance communication and promptness in meeting the needs of patients.

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