100 Best Restaurants on Long Island

100 best restaurants on Long Island 100 best restaurants on Long Island

Newsday’s Top 100 Restaurants project is the culmination of a year-long effort by our food critics, who dine out somewhere on Long Island nearly every day. Besides top-notch food, we’re looking for eateries that consistently offer great service, a memorable atmosphere and a good value for your money. And we know what eating out costs these days, because our critics always pay their own way for food and strive to visit anonymously while reviewing to avoid special treatment.

We’re often asked whether restaurants have any influence in this process. To be clear: Restaurants do not pay or otherwise compensate Newsday to be considered, nor does advertising play a role in editorial decisions. Like many of you, we’re simply relentlessly in search of the very best places to eat out on Long Island. The dining scene is always changing — which is why the list does, too. –Shawna VanNess, FeedMe Editor