100 Best Restaurants on Long Island- 2019

100 best restaurants on Long Island

It has been a year of many changes, from the national economy to your diet. And Newsday’s annual list of Long Island restaurants reflects the volatility.

More than a quarter of the list is new restaurants. The reasons for the departures ranged from intense competition to dips in quality, retirements to the passing of owners and chefs.

There’s also a new category for 2019: barbecue, because of its extraordinary growth and jump in both worth and value. To make room for barbecue, the less-than-popular Mediterranean category was dropped – though some of its eateries found their way into other ones.

So, these are the Top 100 for this year. Eat here now.

Note: Restaurant menus can change with the season and the chef’s whims; dishes mentioned in these listings may not always be available.


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