Storms that touched Long Island

Atlantic storms follow a variety of tracks as they move toward land. Here is a sampling of storms that have visited Long Island, some with a direct hit and some with a glancing blow.

The deadliest of the storms, a Category 3 hurricane that would be known as the Long Island Express, came ashore on Sept. 21, 1938, and resulted in the deaths of dozens of people on the East End. You can read more about the description of that storm from survivors of the hurricane by clicking here.

Storm Month Year Highest category Description
Storm Unnamed Month September Year 1944 Highest category Category 4 hurricane Description Sept. 14: Four people are killed as wind gusts of 108 mph from an unnamed storm were recorded at Block Island. High water of 9.2 feet above mean sea level was recorded at Manhasset.
Storm Unnamed Month August Year 1939 Highest category Category 1 hurricane Description Aug. 20: The storm had diminished to a tropical depression by the time it past north and west of the city.
Storm Unnamed Month September Year 1938 Highest category Category 5 hurricane Description Sept. 21: Long Island's worst recorded storm in modern times killed 60 people -- most of them in Westhampton Beach -- before killing hundreds more as it swept through New England. It was a Category 3 storm, with winds less than 110 mph.
Storm Unnamed Month September Year 1936 Highest category Category 3 hurricane Description Sept. 19: Never made landfall, passing a little less than 100 miles off the South Shore.
Storm Unnamed Month June Year 1934 Highest category Category 1 hurricane Description June 19: A Gulf hurricane that weakened as it crossed the United States, it went out to sea briefly before landing in Nassau and passing across to the North Fork.
Storm Unnamed Month September Year 1934 Highest category Category 2 hurricane Description Sept. 9: Winds had fallen to 45 miles per hour by the time this storm made landfall in Suffolk County.

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