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For working adults, the decision to return to school may be a personal one—some students decide to continue their education in order to advance their careers; others pursue a field of study in order to change their careers entirely. And some are following a passion in order to realize their potential.

Whatever the reason, there are now higher education institutions that offer the flexibility, convenience, and affordability that working adults require. And, one of the best ways for professionals to pursue a college level (or post-college level) education is online. You can find practically any type of academic program offered in a fully online format. With online education, no matter where you live, you have many options.

The CUNY School of Professional Studies (CUNY SPS) provides online and on-campus programs that meet the needs of adults who are looking for a seamless way to finish or transition into a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree or certificate in a specialized field, advance in the workplace, or change careers.

CUNY SPS recently asked their students to share the stories of their educational journey. For anyone working to create a better life for themselves and their families, Glaudy Triunfel is a great example of strengthening entrepreneurial spirit with business savvy. Here, she shares her experience of continuing her education to further her dream of owning her own business.

Meet Glaudy Triunfel

Working and Working on a Dream

As an assistant manager at Radio Shack, I know a lot about how a business runs. But working for someone else is different than working for yourself. One day, I would like to have my own business—an online woman’s clothing site. But, in order to be my own boss, I knew I needed to hone my skills and get a degree in business administration.

Making Them Proud

I decided to return to school for a Bachelor of Science in Business, although I didn’t have a lot of time or money. In addition to my own drive, another motivation for returning to school was my children. I wanted to set a good example for them and continue my education, so they can see that they can do it when it’s their turn.

A College That Respects Work/Life Balance

I chose to continue my education at CUNY SPS because of the affordability and flexibility of its programs. The classes are easy to follow and I am able to focus on the readings and assignments. While it’s hard to choose, my favorite courses are business, math, and English. 

As a student at CUNY SPS, I feel that I have acquired the knowledge I need to make it in the business industry. I now feel prepared to run my own business and be successful at it.

Make Time for Your Future

For students who are considering applying for admission—and especially those juggling work and family, I would recommend that they take my story into consideration. I was able to hold a job, attend an excellent school, and take care of my family because of the way the online programs are structured at CUNY SPS. Another piece of advice I would give to someone considering admission to my degree program, is to learn how to manage your time. Give yourself enough time to apply yourself fully to the courses. Don’t leave your assignments to the last minute; you don’t want to find yourself falling behind or over-loaded with work. 

I’ve received a lot of great advice while at CUNY SPS, but none so much as that you are never too old to achieve a degree. Giving up on your dreams should never be an option. I took that advice to heart and now I’m on my way to earning a Bachelor of Science in Business!

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