Long Island job levels in July

The total, non-farm sector job count on Long Island rose by 16,700 to nearly 1.36 million in July 2017 compared to a year earlier, according to the state’s Labor Department. Leading the increases were the private educational and health services sector, which rose by 9,200, leisure and hospitality, which rose by 3,000, and the construction industry, which gained 2,800 jobs, more than four times the average gain. Click on the trend lines below for details on the 10 sectors going back to 1990. To eliminate some of the lines, click on the sector name in the color key. The table below gives details for the 2017 and 2016 levels. And you can read more about the latest jobs numbers.

Jobs in the 10 sectors on Long Island

More detailed breakdown of 2017 vs. 2016

Industry            (job levels in thousands)July 2017July 2016Change in year
TOTAL NON-FARM1,359.91,343.21.2%
TOTAL PRIVATE1,169.61,154.71.3%
Total Goods Producing 152.0152.7-0.5%
   Construction, Natural Resources, Mining
         Specialty Trade Contractors 59.556.45.5%
      Durable Goods 38.540.4-4.7%
      Non-Durable Goods 31.531.40.3%
Total Service Providing1,207.91,190.51.5%
Total Private Service-Providing1,017.61,002.01.6%
   Trade, Transportation, and Utilities274.5274.00.2%
      Wholesale Trade 71.570.41.6%
         Merchant Wholesalers, Durable Goods 34.334.30.0%
         Merchant Wholesalers, Nondurable Goods
      Retail Trade 162.8164.5-1.0%
         Building Material and Garden Equipment 13.613.8-1.4%
         Food and Beverage Stores 37.437.30.3%
            Grocery Stores 30.730.9-0.6%
         Health and Personal Care Stores 13.513.22.3%
         Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores 19.019.5-2.6%
         General Merchandise Stores 26.526.40.4%
            Department Stores 19.920.2-1.5%
      Transportation, Warehousing, and Utilities
         Transportation and Warehousing 35.434.33.2%
            Couriers and Messengers 5.15.4-5.6%
         Broadcasting (except Internet)
         Telecommunications 8.38.7-4.6%
   Financial Activities73.073.3-0.4%
      Finance and Insurance 54.654.8-0.4%
         Credit Intermediation and Related Activities 20.420.6-1.0%
            Depository Credit Intermediation 11.611.7-0.9%
         Insurance Carriers and Related Activities 26.727.4-2.6%
      Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 18.418.5-0.5%
         Real Estate 14.514.40.7%
   Professional and Business Services 182.0179.51.4%
      Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 82.881.91.1%
            Legal Services 18.019.1-5.8%
            Accounting, Tax Prep., Bookkpng., & Payroll Svcs. 14.513.66.6%
      Management of Companies and Enterprises 16.516.40.6%
      Admin. & Supp. and Waste Manage. & Remed. Svcs. 82.781.21.8%
   Education and Health Services266.3257.13.6%
      Educational Services 37.337.5-0.5%
      Health Care and Social Assistance 229.0219.64.3%
         Ambulatory Health Care Services 91.687.44.8%
         Hospitals 65.763.14.1%
         Nursing and Residential Care Facilities 34.934.02.6%
         Social Assistance 36.835.14.8%
   Leisure and Hospitality142.4139.42.2%
      Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation 33.432.91.5%
         Amusement, Gambling, and Recreation Industries
      Accommodation and Food Services 109.0106.52.3%
         Food Services and Drinking Places
   Other Services
         Personal and Laundry Services
Government 190.3188.51.0%
   Federal Government 16.516.50.0%
   State Government 24.424.11.2%
      State Government Education 11.911.35.3%
      State Government Hospitals
   Local Government 149.4147.91.0%
      Local Government Education 88.787.31.6%
      Local Government Hospitals