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Mike MacIntyre contract at Colorado

Mike MacIntyre

Mike MacIntyre Photo Credit: Getty Images

College: Colorado

Conference: Pac-12

State: Colorado

Base compensation

  • 2017 guaranteed pay: $2,007,550
  • Total contract pay: $12,030,200
  • Contract length: 6 years
  • Start date: 1/7/2013
  • Last amended: 4/9/2014
  • Expires: 12/31/2018


  • National title bonus: $750,000
  • Conference title bonus: $100,000 for appearing
  • Misc athletic-based incentives: $50,000 for 7 wins; an additional $25,000 for 8 wins;
  • Coach of the year award bonus: $25,000 for conference coach of year
  • Academic bonuses: $100,000 if unspecified goals regarding graduation of players are met; $100,000 if unspecified goals regarding “welfare and development” of players are met; $100,000 if unspecified goals regarding “outreach, culture and reputation” of football program are met.
  • Car: full-size SUV or $600 monthly car stipend
  • Tickets: 10 suite tickets for football games and 10 season tickets to men’s and women’s basketball games
  • Golf/country club: $6,480 annual stipend toward Boulder Country Club membership

Other Perks

  • Miscellaneous perks: $3,500 annual allotment of Nike products.
  • Buyout if coach leaves for another coaching job: $1,300,000 if in 2017; $1,000,000 if in 2018

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