Heisman Trophy winners

Meet everyone who has won the prestigious Heisman Trophy, which is given every year to the most outstanding college football player.

From Jay Berwanger to Derrick Henry, everyone who has won the prestigious Heisman Memorial Trophy, which is given every year by the Heisman Trophy Trust to the most outstanding college football player. See total points for both the winner and runner-up for every year, as well as the margin of victory for each race.

(* Reggie Bush voluntarily forfeited his 2005 Heisman Trophy after allegations that he received improper benefits while at USC. The Heisman Trust decided to leave the award vacated instead of naming a new winner.)




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year winner school position class pts Runner-up School Position Class Margin
2016 Lamar Jackson Louisville Quarterback Sophomore 2144 Deshaun Watson Clemson Quarterback Junior 620
2015 Derrick Henry Alabama Running back Junior 1832 Christian McCaffrey Stanford Running back Sophomore 293
2014 Marcus Mariota Oregon Quarterback Junior 2534 Melvin Gordon Wisconsin Running back Junior 1284
2013 Jameis Winston Florida State Quarterback Freshman 2205 AJ McCarron Alabama Quarterback Senior 1501
2012 Johnny Manziel Texas A&M Quarterback Freshman 2029 Manti Te'o Notre Dame Linebacker Senior 323
2011 Robert Griffin III Baylor Quarterback Junior 1687 Andrew Luck Stanford Quarterback Junior 280
2010 Cam Newton Auburn Quarterback Junior 2263 Andrew Luck Stanford Quarterback Sophomore 1184
2009 Mark Ingram Alabama Running back Sophomore 1304 Toby Gerhart Stanford Running back Senior 28
2008 Sam Bradford Oklahoma Quarterback Sophomore 1726 Colt McCoy Texas Quarterback Junior 122
2007 Tim Tebow Florida Quarterback Sophomore 1957 Darren McFadden Arkansas Running back Junior 254
2006 Troy Smith Ohio State Quarterback Senior 2540 Darren McFadden Arkansas Running back Sophomore 1662
2005 Reggie Bush* USC Running back Junior 2541 Vince Young Texas Quarterback Junior 933
2004 Matt Leinart USC Quarterback Junior 1325 Adrian Peterson Oklahoma Running back Sophomore 328
2003 Jason White Oklahoma Quarterback Junior 1481 Larry Fitzgerald Pittsburgh Wide receiver Sophomore 128
2002 Carson Palmer USC Quarterback Senior 1328 Brad Banks Iowa Quarterback Senior 233
2001 Eric Crouch Nebraska Quarterback Senior 770 Rex Grossman Florida Quarterback Sophomore 62
2000 Chris Weinke Florida State Quarterback Senior 1628 Josh Heupel Oklahoma Quarterback Senior 76
1999 Ron Dayne Wisconsin Running back Senior 2042 Joe Hamilton Georgia Tech Quarterback Senior 1048
1998 Ricky Williams Texas Running back Senior 2355 Michael Bishop Kansas State Quarterback Senior 1563
1997 Charles Woodson Michigan Cornerback Junior 1815 Peyton Manning Tennessee Quarterback Senior 272
1996 Danny Wuerffel Florida Quarterback Senior 1363 Troy Davis Iowa State Running back Junior 189
1995 Eddie George Ohio State Running back Senior 1460 Tommie Frazier Nebraska Quarterback Senior 264
1994 Rashaan Salaam Colorado Running back Junior 1743 Ki-Jana Carter Penn State Running back Junior 842
1993 Charlie Ward Florida State Quarterback Senior 2310 Heath Shuler Tennessee Quarterback Junior 1622
1992 Gino Torretta Miami (Fla.) Quarterback Senior 1400 Marshall Faulk San Diego State Running back Sophomore 320
1991 Desmond Howard Michigan Wide receiver Junior 2077 Casey Weldon Florida State Quarterback Senior 1574
1990 Ty Detmer BYU Quarterback Junior 1482 Raghib Ismail Notre Dame Wide receiver Junior 305
1989 Andre Ware Houston Quarterback Junior 1073 Anthony Thompson Indiana Running back Senior 70
1988 Barry Sanders Oklahoma State Running back Junior 1878 Rodney Peete USC Quarterback Senior 966
1987 Tim Brown Notre Dame Wide receiver Senior 1442 Don McPherson Syracuse Quarterback Senior 611
1986 Vinny Testaverde Miami (Fla.) Quarterback Senior 2213 Paul Palmer Temple Running back Senior 1541
1985 Bo Jackson Auburn Running back Senior 1509 Chuck Long Iowa Quarterback Senior 45
1984 Doug Flutie Boston College Quarterback Senior 2240 Keith Byars Ohio State Running back Junior 989
1983 Mike Rozier Nebraska Running back Senior 1801 Steve Young BYU Quarterback Senior 629
1982 Herschel Walker Georgia Running back Junior 1926 John Elway Stanford Quarterback Senior 695
1981 Marcus Allen USC Running back Senior 1797 Herschel Walker Georgia Running back Sophomore 598
1980 George Rogers South Carolina Running back Senior 1128 Hugh Green Pittsburgh Defensive end Senior 267
1979 Charles White USC Running back Senior 1695 Billy Sims Oklahoma Running back Senior 922
1978 Billy Sims Oklahoma Running back Junior 827 Chuck Fusina Penn State Quarterback Senior 77
1977 Earl Campbell Texas Running back Senior 1547 Terry Miller Oklahoma State Running back Senior 735
1976 Tony Dorsett Pittsburgh Running back Senior 2357 Ricky Bell USC Running back Senior 1011
1975 Archie Griffin Ohio State Running back Senior 1800 Chuck Muncie California Running back Senior 1070
1974 Archie Griffin Ohio State Running back Junior 1920 Anthony Davis USC Running back Senior 1101
1973 John Cappelletti Penn State Running back Senior 1057 John Hicks Ohio State Offensive lineman Senior 533
1972 Johnny Rodgers Nebraska Running back Senior 1310 Greg Pruitt Oklahoma Running back Senior 344
1971 Pat Sullivan Auburn Quarterback Senior 1597 Ed Marinaro Cornell Running back Senior 152
1970 Jim Plunkett Stanford Quarterback Senior 2229 Joe Theismann Notre Dame Quarterback Senior 819
1969 Steve Owens Oklahoma Fullback Senior 1488 Mike Phipps Purdue Quarterback Senior 154
1968 O.J. Simpson USC Running back Senior 2853 Leroy Keyes Purdue Running back Senior 1750
1967 Gary Beban UCLA Quarterback Senior 1968 O.J. Simpson USC Running back Junior 246
1966 Steve Spurrier Florida Quarterback Senior 1679 Bob Griese Purdue Quarterback Senior 863
1965 Mike Garrett USC Running back Senior 926 Howard Twilley Tulsa End Senior 398
1964 John Huarte Notre Dame Quarterback Senior 1026 Jerry Rhome Tulsa Quarterback Senior 74
1963 Roger Staubach Navy Quarterback Junior 1860 Billy Lothridge Georgia Tech Quarterback Senior 1356
1962 Terry Baker Oregon State Quarterback Senior 707 Jerry Stovall LSU Running back Senior 89
1961 Ernie Davis Syracuse Running back Senior 824 Bob Ferguson Ohio State Running back Senior 53
1960 Joe Bellino Navy Running back Senior 1793 Tom Brown Minnesota Offensive lineman Senior 1062
1959 Billy Cannon LSU Running back Senior 1929 Richie Lucas Penn State Quarterback Senior 1316
1958 Pete Dawkins Army Running back Senior 1394 Randy Duncan Iowa Quarterback Senior 373
1957 John David Crow Texas A&M Running back Senior 1183 Alex Karras Iowa Defensive tackle Senior 490
1956 Paul Hornung Notre Dame Quarterback Senior 1066 Johnny Majors Tennessee Running back Senior 72
1955 Howard Cassady Ohio State Running back Senior 2219 Jim Swink TCU Running back Junior 1477
1954 Alan Ameche Wisconsin Fullback Senior 1068 Kurt Burris Oklahoma Offensive lineman Senior 230
1953 John Lattner Notre Dame Running back Senior 1850 Paul Giel Minnesota Running back Senior 56
1952 Billy Vessels Oklahoma Running back Senior 525 Jack Scarbath Maryland Quarterback Senior 158
1951 Dick Kazmaier Princeton Running back Senior 1777 Hank Lauricella Tennessee Running back Senior 1353
1950 Vic Janowicz Ohio State Running back Junior 633 Kyle Rote SMU Running back Senior 353
1949 Leon Hart Notre Dame End Senior 995 Charlie Justice North Carolina Running back Senior 723
1948 Doak Walker SMU Running back Junior 778 Charlie Justice North Carolina Running back Junior 335
1947 John Lujack Notre Dame Quarterback Senior 742 Bob Chappuis Michigan Running back Senior 187
1946 Glenn Davis Army Running back Senior 792 Charley Trippi Georgia Running back Senior 357
1945 Doc Blanchard Army Fullback Junior 860 Glenn Davis Army Running back Junior 222
1944 Les Horvath Ohio State Quarterback Senior 412 Glenn Davis Army Running back Sophomore 125
1943 Angelo Bertelli Notre Dame Quarterback Senior 648 Bob Odell Penn Running back Senior 471
1942 Frank Sinkwich Georgia Running back Senior 1059 Paul Governali Columbia Quarterback Senioe 841
1941 Bruce Smith Minnesota Running back Senior 554 Angelo Bertelli Notre Dame Quarterback Sophomore 209
1940 Tom Harmon Michigan Running back Senior 1303 John Kimbrough Texas A&M Running back Senior 462
1939 Nile Kinnick Iowa Running back Senior 651 Tom Harmon Michigan Running back Junior 246
1938 Davey O'Brien TCU Quarterback Senior 519 Marshall Goldberg Pittsburgh Running back Senior 225
1937 Clint Frank Yale Quarterback Senior 524 Byron White Colorado Running back Senior 260
1936 Larry Kelley Yale End Senior 219 Sam Francis Nebraska Running back Senior 172
1935 Jay Berwanger Chicago Running back Senior 84 Monk Meyer Army Running back Junior 55

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