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Marc Kadushin |

Marc Kadushin is running for Oyster Bay town council member

Marc Kadushin

Kadushin said he is worried that many young people leave Long Island because they cannot afford to live in the area. "I love Long Island," he said. "I love the Town of Oyster Bay. I was born here. I've been raised here. And I'd like to get to stay here. In order for people like me to be able to do so feasibly, there has to be change within the government." He said the town should offer incentives to developers and landlords to build affordable housing near train stations, which would allow young professionals with jobs in New York City to live on the island. Kadushin criticized how debt has increased under the current board and said that if wasteful spending decreased, the town could enact a tax cut. "The process of awarding contracts and bidding has basically been turned into a pay-to-play rewarding of cronyism at the expense of taxpayers," he said. "Overinflated budgets are being awarded for projects that are of dubious quality based on the personal nature of the relationship of the bidders with the board, as opposed to the nature of their actual bids."

Kadushin, 25, is on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines. Kadushin lives in Plainview. He graduated from Plainview--Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School, and he earned a bachelor of arts in political science and a master's in public administration from Clark University in Massachusetts. He works in information technology administration support. He is single.