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Voters Guide2016 Presidential Election

Jeb Bush | 2016 Presidential Election

Jeb Bush is running for Republican presidential candidates

Jeb Bush

Bush wants to strengthen the nation’s borders to keep criminals out by bolstering patrols with fire station-like facilities that would be staffed around the clock. Unlike many of his opponents, he would provide a path to citizenship for immigrants without proper documentation who are already in the United States. Bush would also require the federal budget to be balanced and he said he would enforce it with voluminous vetoes of wasteful spending. Bush says the United States is at war with the terrorist group known as the Islamic State and urges more aggressive action, even at the risk of provoking Russian President Vladimir Putin by instituting a no-fly zone over Syria. Bush said the hydraulic fracturing for oil deep in shale deposits will protect national security from turmoil in the Middle East while propelling America into a new manufacturing boom. He opposes Obamacare and would empower states to provide expanded health care.

Bush, 62, is a Republican running for the Republican nomination for president. He is the son of former President George H.W. Bush and the brother of former President George W. Bush. Jeb Bush, whose first name is John, was a banker soon after graduating from the University of Texas and lived for a time in Venezuela. Later he ran his father’s presidential campaign and was appointed to be Florida secretary of commerce, before returning to the campaign trail to help his father’s unsuccessful re-election effort in 1988. Born in Texas, he was governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007 where he focused on fiscal restraint, education reforms, vouchers to provide families with choice for public schools and environmental protection of the Everglades. He and his wife, Columba, have three children and live in Florida.