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Efraim Spagnoletti |

Efraim Spagnoletti is running for Glen Cove city council member

Efraim Spagnoletti

Spagnoletti said his "number one priority is to lower taxes. I think that's only going to be accomplished by decreasing the expenses of the city of Glen Cove and increasing the revenue stream." He wants to reduce the city's deficit, in part by cutting spending by 10 percent over two years. Spagnoletti voted for a mayoral budget that included a decrease in the corporate tax but a small hike in residential property taxes. He said he opposed the residential tax hike but voted for the budget as a compromise. "We need to decrease the corporate taxes further and I think we need to decrease the residential taxes," he said. Spagnoletti said he generally opposes high-density housing in the city, although he wants to see a final proposal for the redevelopment of Garvies Point before deciding whether to back planned high-density housing there. "I'm a little concerned Glen Cove in recent years has gone down a path of overdevelopment," he said. "There's a culture and an environment and ambience in Glen Cove, and I think we need to stay true to that."

Spagnoletti, 38, is running on the Republican line and has the support of the Glen Cove United Party. He was first elected to the City Council in 2013. Spagnoletti is chief compliance officer for an asset management firm. He graduated from Hofstra University with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Spagnoletti lives with his wife in Glen Cove.