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Alain V. De Kerillis |

Alain V. De Kerillis is running for Southold town council member

Alain V. De Kerillis

De Kerillis said, if elected, he would focus on affordable housing, attracting better-paying jobs to the town and stepping up code enforcement. "We need to make affordable rentals a reality in Southold town. Young people have been leaving since the 1970s at an alarming rate, partly because low hourly wages won't pay for large mortgages." He added that the town also needs better access to transportation to more easily get to those better-paying jobs. "We need more than one train that leaves at 5 a.m. And I would work with the county legislature to get more bus stops in town to help residents." The most important thing is for the town to fairly and equally enforce codes across party lines, he said. There would be little need for legislation barring short-term rentals, if codes were enforced, he said.

De Kerillis, 48, of East Marion, is running on the Democratic and Working Families lines and endorsed by Sustainable Southold. Two years ago he ran for the county legislative seat in Southold. He works on Plum Island in its fire department and in lab support. He is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute in Paris and served in the U.S. Army in Germany. He is a former chairman of the Orient-East Marion Park District and a volunteer with the Greenport Fire Department and rescue squad. He is married with two children. De Kerillis switched his registration from Republican to run for town council on the Democratic ticket.