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Call I.T.

Simultaneous software glitches on the NYSE, Wall Street Journal website and United Airlines – if not malicious cyber attacks – at the very least underscore our alarming vulnerability.


In our now fully digital era, it’s hard to fathom that privacy used to be a thing.

21st Century

I liked the old fashioned version of the future a lot.

Bystanders today

In the world of the smartphone, nothing happens unless it is recorded and posted on social media, and YouTube. The more shocking the content, the more likely it will achieve viral status, and the more likely the poster will be seen by her audience as a hero. (As opposed to the musty old definition of being a hero.)

It’s time

Why is everything that Apple releases treated as if it is vitally important to humankind?

Web privacy

After promising to pursue a web users’ privacy bill of rights, the White House has released a draft of an internet privacy bill. Its protections are distinctly skewed toward the Googles and Facebooks of the world, and the only draft is the one you’ll feel through the gaping holes in your privacy.