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72° Good Evening
72° Good Evening

The campaign against ISIS

I drew many editorial cartoons opposing the rationale for the Iraq War, for which I was dubbed naive, a traitor and worse. I wish I had been wrong, but now Islamic State fighters are massacring their way across the country and into Syria, enabled by the power vacuum created by the toppling of Saddam Hussein.

ISIS recruits

ISIS recruits
Many people, especially the young, are vulnerable to the allure of heroism and glory. Recruiters in our military exploit it with slick advertisements. The difference is that the Islamic State sells the idea to some disaffected kids that they can experience glory and heroism for a romanticized, though radical and twisted cause.

Islamic State recruiting

ISIS Recruiting Poster It’s hard to fathom the romantic allure that this poster holds for some. I was a disaffected teenager, whose act of rebellion was to run off and draw funny, ironic pictures about politics and social issues. An act which incidentally ISIS adherents find abhorrent.

Droning drones

​While I was drawing this cartoon, I was thinking the word drone also brings to mind an incessant, irritating, low pitched sound. Both meanings work.

Driving while disturbed

​If you’re reading this while driving your car: Deadly contagion, bloodthirsty Middle East terrorists, illegal immigrants, unsecured nuclear weapons and the other myriad of threats to the well-being of the general populace are literally the least of your problems right now.

Shipping disaster

ISIS Syria
More weapons shipments to the Middle East. That can’t possibly present a further problem in the future that we might need to address with another weapons shipment.

Lines in the sand

Lines in the sand
When it comes to the Middle East, engaging in ruthless, self-serving skullduggery is the only way to survive. Even if you’re 6,324 miles away.