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64° Good Afternoon
64° Good Afternoon

Circles of life

Circle of Life
The macabre trophy killing of Cecil is just the tip of the big-game iceberg. Now if only we could only get people to care as much about the treatment of the animals that end up on their plates…


Ancient, fascinating walking fossils, killed and used merely for bait. Who are we calling unevolved?

BP floats

Hard to believe I’ve been drawing cartoons expressing exasperation over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill for five years. Last week’s $18.7 billion federal settlement with BP appears massive and punitive, except that the company — which has $320 billion in annual revenue — has up to 18 years to pay it off. Take that, corporate polluter!

Segregated pool

The recent disastrous pool party incident in Mckinney, TX revealed not only a problem with a badly behaved cop, but also with the few residents who initiated and escalated the fight with racial slurs against African American teenagers who they ascertained weren’t supposed to be there. No deep thought from those who enjoy economic segregation.

Something in the water

To anyone on Long Island who opposes turning a sod farm into a solar farm because of the potential for dangerous chemicals, check out the nasty stuff they use to create lush green sod, or alternatively you can just check out my Sunday cartoon.

FEMA issues

The brand new head of FEMA’s ludicrously bad National Flood Insurance Program resigned after six months. His parting words corroborate this cartoon, which is a shame because someone needs to stick around, reign in the private insurance companies that FEMA contracted, and fix the mess.


I read news stories a little differently from most. I’m always looking for something visual, a twist, a villain, an irony. A small detail from the Peconic fish die-off — caused in part by nitrogen from fertilizers entering the water — struck me: Verdant green lawns equal brown tides. And a cartoon is born.

Water’s cold

The rules of the climate change “debate” are weird. In science, deadly things like increased flooding, extreme storms, droughts, severe heat waves, wildfires, melting glaciers, rising tides and stressed wildlife are all data points, but not evidence. To skeptics of global warming, anything meteorologically cold is PROOF!

Arctic drilling

Arctic drilling I thought we understood that the Arctic oil fields were so isolated that an accident like the Gulf BP explosion and resulting oil leak would be frighteningly difficult to contain. And I could’ve sworn President Obama said that human burning of fossil fuels were responsible for climate change. Yet for some reason, the White House signed off on Shell’s drilling plan in the Arctic.

Swan problems

I thought it was a typo when I read that the New York Department of Environmental Conservation was recommending reducing the “rogue” 2,200 mute swan population in a state that contains almost 20 million humans. Most every morning I’m stuck behind more than 2,200 cars on the LIE — and a swan sighting would be soothing.