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Al-Qaida #2

As the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mickey Mouse enlists magic to get his broom to fetch water. When he can’t stop the flow, a flood ensues. Manically chopping the possessed tool with an axe creates two brooms, then four, then an uncontrollable army. Our elimination of “key figures” in terrorism feels like trying to stop the march of the brooms.

21st Century

I liked the old fashioned version of the future a lot.

Drone control

After having done a few cartoons ridiculing the White House Secret Service for ineptitude, I couldn’t really ascertain how they are supposed to stop drones from buzzing around the things they are supposed to be protecting. It really does fall to another agency to be completely unable to control the damn things.

Droning drones

​While I was drawing this cartoon, I was thinking the word drone also brings to mind an incessant, irritating, low pitched sound. Both meanings work.