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Fiscal health

Budget cuts
Politicians who feign concern for the federal deficit to extract political gain and congressional cuts to the National Institutes of Health (and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) left us terribly unprepared to treat an outbreak of a virus like Ebola. A ready antidote – which, given the time and funding, is perfectly well within our ability to create – would have been a nice thing to have shipped off to Western Africa earlier this summer.

Ebola fears

While we fretted last week about one government agency allowing a guy to breach the White House fence, the vigilant powers that be performed similarly well in preventing Ebola from hopping our national fence, too.

Major concern

Nothing more disconcerting than when the Center For Disease Control sends a team of seven down to Dallas to supervise the first U.S. diagnosed Ebola patient – while saying, essentially, “everything’s under control.”