Gilgo – 5 Years Later

A grisly discovery along Ocean Parkway five years ago shattered hope for several families and left many unanswered questions. The killer hasn’t been arrested despite a major police investigation. Families of the deceased are waiting for answers, knowing that a serial killer is still out there.
News 12 Long Island’s Eileen Lehpamer examines the case, the victims and the investigation in ‘Gilgo – 5 Years Later.’

Click here for photos, background information and additional video in this joint News 12/Newsday investigative report.

The investigation started with the search for Shannan Gilbert, an escort who advertised her services on Craigslist. In December of 2010, a body was found along Ocean Parkway. Over the next year, 10 sets of human remains were found in the area. And though Gilbert’s body was found near Oak Beach, police have said her death is not connected to the others. Her mother disagrees.

Now, after five years of not speaking publicly about the case, Suffolk police announced the FBI is joining the investigation. The victims’ family members, including Gilbert’s, hope the FBI’s involvement will finally lead to a break in the case.

Complete Suffolk County police news conference from Dec. 10.

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