This is Daniel Iskols, a senior at JFK High School in Bellmore. On Decision Day, he took a picture with all of his friends ...

... spaced apart strategically.

"At that moment it was taken it just made a statement of the times we are living in now," said Daniel's mom.

Senior year is often the best time of high school life, the final months of togetherness before setting off to new life adventures.

But when it comes to classes and prom and even graduation, the coronavirus has changed everything.

"You left that last Friday and you didn't know that would be your last day, last practice, last time seeing your teachers. You feel like you are cut off too soon," said senior Jamie Besendorfer of Garden City.

LI's seniors say they understand that keeping everyone safe and healthy is the priority.

But still ...

... senior year "is the golden year of high school," says Longwood senior Gabby Velazquez. "It is supposed to be the best time of your life."

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