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South Nassau Communities Hospital

South Nassau Communities Hospital
South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside. Credit: South Nassau Communities Hospital

Do you offer private rooms? If so, what is the cost?

South Nassau has 26 private maternity rooms as well as labor and delivery suites.

Do you offer prenatal, sibling or other classes?

We’ve developed programs, such as breast-feeding support, to help patients before they leave the hospital. We offer a range of classes, which include baby care, preparation for breast-feeding, infant/child CPR, prenatal yoga, mommy-baby yoga, prepared childbirth class, safe sitter class as well as a sibling class.

What special things do you do for the mother and baby?

The birth of a baby at South Nassau prompts the playing of the classic Brahms Lullaby over the hospital’s public address system, heralding the birth.

Do you have an on-site neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)?

Yes, we have a Level II NICU. The medical staff includes physicians who are board-certified in neonatology and board-certified in maternal-fetal medicine, as well as registered nurses. The NICU ensures intensive one-to-one care and features a state-of-the-art monitoring system.

Do you have a labor and delivery room?

Yes, expectant mothers typically labor/deliver/recover in the same room on the L&D floor before transferring to their private room on the Mother/Baby wing until they are discharged home.

Are doulas or midwives allowed?

Midwives with South Nassau Communities Hospital privileges can practice here, and some are on staff. Up to three labor coaches are allowed to be present in the room during labor and delivery. The expectant mother may choose to bring a doula, as one of her labor coaches. In the event of a C-section, the father of the baby, or significant other, can be present in the operating room.

What kind of security measures do you have in place to make sure the baby is safe?

The hospital uses a state-of-art infant security system. In order to protect moms and babies, visitors are screened prior to entering our secured L&D and mother/baby units.

Is there a breast-feeding coach and lactation consultant available on-site? Does the hospital support breast- and/or bottle feeding?

South Nassau is one of two Long Island “Baby-Friendly” hospitals designated by the World Health Organization for its commitment to mothers and newborns and in recognition of its effort to foster breast-feeding. This award recognizes birth facilities that offer breast-feeding mothers the information, confidence and skills needed to successfully initiate and continue breast-feeding their babies. We also established a Lactation Resource Center, which is staffed by professionals certified by the International Board of Certified Lactation Consultants, to help patients before, during and after their baby is born.

Is videotaping/photographing the birth allowed? A photographer for newborns available?

Yes, videotaping and photographing the newborn and the new mother after delivery is allowed. There is also a newborn photography service on site.

What do the rooms look like?

South Nassau Communities Hospital NICU
South Nassau Communities Hospital NICU. Credit: South Nassau Communities Hospital

Do you offer anything special for moms during labor (i.e. hydrobath, labor ball, etc.)?

Expectant moms can bring labor balls or something similar — the delivery nurses are happy to work with the mom-to-be as long as the mother and baby can be adequately monitored. We also encourage skin-to-skin contact upon delivery.

Do you offer a hospital tour?

Yes, at maternity orientation. Expectant parents will get information about the hospital, see a presentation and take a tour of the maternity unit.

Does the hospital do cord blood banking?

The South Nassau staff and doctors support and participate in cord blood collection.

Do you offer any parting swag bags with samples?


Are siblings allowed to visit? Can the spouse sleep in the room?

Children younger than 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The father of the baby, or an adult significant other, can stay with the mother and newborn in the room at all times.

What are the visiting hours?

The maternity unit is open to visitors 24 hours a day.

What’s the rate of C-sections at the hospital?

The hospital’s C-section rate is 40 percent overall, with a 24 percent primary C-section rate.

What’s the rate of breast-feeding mothers?

Our breast-feeding rates are consistently more than 90 percent. The exclusive breast-feeding rates at discharge are around 50 percent, and close to 95 percent of South Nassau newborns are at least partially breast-fed.

What is the episiotomy rate?

We have an approximately 8 percent episiotomy rate.

Will my baby be able to sleep in the same room as me? Is there a nursery?

We promote moms and babies not being separated and are able to sleep in the same room. All assessments and tests for the babies can be done in the room as well. Yes, there is a nursery if needed.

Average length of a postpartum stay?

The average length of stay for vaginal deliveries is two days after delivery and three days after cesarean sections. However, the health and wellness of the mother post-delivery is paramount, so the length of stay will depend on how well the new mom and baby are recovering from birthing experiences.

Does the hospital offer anything new/cutting edge?

The hospital’s Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine offers a thorough assessment and follow up of all expectant moms and fetuses. South Nassau also implements a gentle C-section approach, if needed. Patients have the opportunity to see the baby at the moment of Caesarean delivery, and experience skin-to-skin contact within minutes after the baby’s birth. Moms can choose music during the surgery (if any).

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